Online Digital Production Twins

The field-wide BPT Digital Production Twins is a key enabler of data driven operations.

BPT Twins provides holistic sensor value correction with complete quality-checked datasets as output - and calibrated steady state and dynamic simulator models for efficient and fast decision support and production optimization.

BPT Production Twins -
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The BPT Twins safeguards the quality of input data utilized by other digital applications for example based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which together forms powerful hybrid solutions combining physics and analytics.

A brief introduction

The BPT Digital Production Twins (formerly branded BPT DOSS - Digital Operator Support System) is a fundamental part of field development, lifecycle simulations, safeguarding sensor outputs, operational decision support, production optimization, safety, digitalization and data driven operations. BPT Twins is well proven and has been in operation since 2017. The solution is qualified as technology by major oil & gas company since 2019 and deployed in many operating oil & gas fields.

BPT Twins provides autonomous sensor data reconciliation using a 1st principle simulator tool to provide high quality, accurate and consistent data including full access to all augmented data. The digital solution automatically updating process models and asset integrity reports on a component level.

BPT Twins is an online digital replica of the assets/field production facilities. It easily integrates with other twins and enable other digital applications with quality assured data. BPT Twins provides invaluable insights for production, process and flow assurance engineers as well as instrument, automation, maintenance, safety and reservoir functions across the operational organization.

The BPT Twins solution is standardized and automated which facilitates fast deployment, in weeks rather than months. The solution typically covers the complete production facility, from wellbore and flowlines through topside or onshore processing facility to export, and the solution is designed for scalability and flexibility.

The BPT Twins solution is owned, developed, deployed and supported by BPT with our pool of domain and subject matter experts or deployed and supported in cooperation with one of our international integrator partners.

A three-layer solution:

BPT Twins using all production related real-time data from the subsea production system and topside processing facility, typically 200 and 2000 sensor values respectively, as input to the base solution performing holistic quality-check and correction of sensor values. The BPT Twins has open architecture that easily integrated with control systems, plant historians, data platforms or digital ecosystems.

The core of the solution is a unique BPT patented reconciliation solver that ensures quality assured, accurate and consistent data. As part of the solver, one of the industry-standard 1st principle process simulator models including high-fidelity thermodynamics is run for the entire oil & gas production facility. Output is complete consistent dataset of best-fit sensor values. The solution identifies faulty or bad sensors and provide replacement values.

In addition to the holistic sensor value correction, the BPT Twins automatically provides augmented soft sensing data, dynamic asset component integrity limits, automatic reports for different user groups and updated models.
The application layer includes several flexible and custom friendly solutions for equipment performance monitoring and operational production decision support.

The combination of consistent and accurate real-time data, and models of the entire production facility including all the equipment, instruments and control components, facilitates holistic equipment performance monitoring, component health status and utilization factors.

The holistic sensor value corrector (base solution) continuously and automatically calibrate 1st principle process simulator models, both steady state as well as dynamic, so the production engineer easily could use one-click-button for loading snapshots to engineering and what-if simulators to carry out operational decision support, troubleshooting and production optimization. Simulator could even be automatically run for look-ahead predictions with or without scenarios by utilizing the embedded event scheduler.
On top of the BPT Twins, the solution enables a wide range of accurate data to other digital applications. Some example applications are virtual flow metering, well surveillance, gas-lift optimizers, online flow assurance tools, training simulators, equipment condition monitoring, asset integrity management systems, maintenance planning tools, advanced process control, production optimization, machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytic tools.

As an example, BPT has supplied many digital twin solutions where the outputs are complete quality-checked and corrected datasets. The BPT Twins dataset is used as the essential input layer for the corporate designed and operated digital ecosystem consisting of a wide range of digital applications (for example machine learning) instead of using the raw data from the field instruments directly.

The BPT Twins enable innovation of new leading-edge digital solutions, data driven operations and operational excellence. As start of a digital journey, BPT recommends carrying out a need-assessment for the actual field, asset or entire portfolio of operator production facilities to define the requirements, success factors and roadmap.
Project examples

Well-proven Digital Production Twins

The BPT Digital Production Twin have been chosen by leading oil and gas companies.

Overall presentation of BPTs Digital Production Twin solution …

Highlighting front-end-loading field development as well as online simulator with sensor value corrector and calibrated steady state & dynamic simulators. Watch our podcast!

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