Lifecycle Digital Production Twins

At BPT we practice a well-proven lifecycle approach ranging from early field development, in field commissioning & startup and throughout entire field life operations.

The main vehicle in this approach is the BPT Twins, a full-fledge Digital Engineering and Lifecycle Simulator Framework leading up to an Online Simulator for decision support and production optimization - an Online Digital Production Twin.

Through extensive use of digital modelling and automated simulation tools we contribute to safer, faster and more cost-effective decisions from the very start.

The lifecycle simulator evolves and accumulate increasing rigor throughout the design and commissioning phase (field development production twin) - and from first oil it forms an operational production twin driven by real-time data with unique performance, accuracy and optimization capabilities.

BPT's Lifecycle Simulator Approach

Efficient, innovative and state-of-the-art usage of simulation technology throughout all phases of field development, commissioning, startup and field life operations.

Process design and optimization

We improve process and system design for the complete field by much more detailed and wide analyses than during early stage of traditional field developments. Includes process optimization, compressor evaluations, design optimization and validation, process safety, process control and operational robustness.

Control design, validation and improvement

We test control strategies towards the actual process models, including process control, process & emergency shutdown logic and compressor protection. Typical scenarios are start-up, shut-down and trips. Validation is done by simulation of control system in process simulator or integrating soft-controller with process model.

Virtual plant & digital ecosystem validation

As an efficient way of improving performance and interoperability of integrated systems, we build virtual plant of the entire production facility from reservoir to export with control system as well as advanced control and all main digital applications in ecosystem for the specific field, hence total system performance could be fully validated much before field startup.

Operator training simulator

We provide high-fidelity operator training simulators for efficient training of central control room and field operators. Scope of simulator is typically the multiphase production system of wells, flowlines & risers and the entire processing facility integrated with control and safety systems as well as replica control system operator stations and instructor station forming a realistic training tool environment.

Online digital twin - in operation

When the field goes live at first oil/gas, the production twin used under field development moves into an automated operational twin performing holistic sensor value correction with complete quality-checked datasets as output, providing calibrated steady state and dynamic simulator models for decision support and production optimization, as well as enabling innovation of other digital applications.

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BPT Lifecycle Digital Production Twins

The Next Leap in Field Development and Data-Driven Field Operations

De-risk field developments, drive digital innovations and rise operational excellence!

  • Optimize process design
  • Validate control & safety systems
  • Train control room operators
  • Facilitate full virtual field
  • Check and correct sensor values
  • Calibrate simulator models
  • Provide operational decision-support
  • Perform production optimization
  • Monitor equipment performance
  • Integrate with digital ecosystems

Front-End Loading - the foundation for success

BPT’s domain experts are pioneers in applying FEL methodology and tools to discover & mitigate risks and enhance ROI at an early stage:

  • Identify bottlenecks and opportunities
  • Establish and verify production profile for lifetime including capacity envelops
  • Improve process and system design for the complete field
  • Design robust process control and shutdown philosophy
  • Validate process safety and optimize flare system
  • Enhance operational robustness
  • Define main requirements for commissioning and initial startup
  • Determine possibility to increase process capacity and/or simplify system design
  • Highlight what can be done to increase capacity for prospects

Overall presentation of BPTs Digital Production Twin solution …

Highlighting front-end-loading field development as well as online simulator with sensor value corrector and calibrated steady state & dynamic simulators. Watch our podcast!

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