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Compressor design and rating evaluations

Highly accurate centrifugal compressor design and rating calculations integrated into the process simulator

Oil & gas operators, EPCs, compressor vendors and consultants companies
Compressor design and rating evaluations
Compressor design and rating evaluations

Significant cost savings by designing compressors to high degree of details early


BPT performs compressor design and rating evaluations with steady state and dynamic simulators.

To enhance accuracy and performance of the compressor capabilities embedded in the industry-standard process simulators, BPT has developed the simulator extension BPT-CODES, which integrates highly accurate centrifugal compressor design and rating calculations into these process simulators.

Compressor curves are traditionally not considered at the conceptual stage of field development since vendor data is normally not available. However, BPT-CODES allows multiple concepts to be evaluated without involvement or input from the compressor vendors.

Process simulations across lifetime of the plant can then be analyzed (without compressor simplifications) to optimize the design in conceptual phases versus:

  • Optimal compressor configurations
  • Minimizing and/or eliminating bundle replacements
  • Energy consumption
  • CO2 emission


The following simulator extension Sim-Apps are normally included in such studies:

  • BPT-CODES - Centrifugal compressor design and simulation
  • BPT-EXT - The BPT Excel add-in allowing automated simulation and data extraction


Reference use cases:

  • Conceptual green-field studies to optimize design across field life
  • Brown-field modification projects to increase compressor capacity/operation envelope
  • FEED & Detail studies to verify machinery protection in contingency cases
Benefits and key findings:
  • Consistency between plant, report and prediction tools
  • Analysis based on compressor performance maps, compensated for any changes in fluid composition and operating conditions
  • Avoid overly conservative assessments, that may reduce the business potential of a new prospect, such as new tie-in to an existing platform
  • Avoid early phase simplified assessments, that may later reduce the business potential by requirement for late modifications, or even lost production

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