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Electrolysis Design and Simulation

Specialized Simulator Extensions for the Sustainable Energy Sector

Used by green innovators, operators, investors, EPCs, automation vendors and BPT in de-risking studies and lifecycle simulator projects

De-risk and optimize your green Hydrogen projects


BPT-ECX allows for early design and detailed modeling of electrolysis (Alkaline, PEM, SOEC and Chlor-Alkali Electrolysis).

What is BPT-ECX?

BPT-ECX is a unique unit operation for process simulators covering high-fidelity modelling of green hydrogen production with electrolysis. This software extension seamlessly integrates with industry-leading process simulators, along with well-proven workflows, forming a superb digital solution for optimizing and de-risking process facility design at an early stage.

BPT-ECX enables green hydrogen, green ammonia and green methanol production as well as being highly relevant for electrofuel plants, providing highly accurate steady state and dynamic electrolysis models enhancing design at an early stage as well as safeguarding return-of-investments.


The BPT-ECX software comes as an extension for the process simulatirs HYSYS, UniSim Design and Petro-SIM.

Includes models for different type of electrolysis 

Polymer Electrolyte Membrane electrolysis (PEM)
Alkaline ElectroLysis (AEL)
Chlor-Alkali electrolysis
Solid Oxide Electrolyze Cell (SOEC)

Examples of use cases

For Hydrogen production and Power-to-X system (E-fuels, Ammonia and Methanol).

For various Digital Twin and Lifecycle Simulator applications

Early concept design simulations
Detailed engineering simulator
Control system check-out
Operator training simulator (OTS)
Online operational performance monitoring application

Typical parameters

Area and number of cells
Flexible geometry (vendor specific)
Electrolysis efficiency and over-potential
Voltage cell
Faraday efficiency
Gas purity
Heat loss
Thermal lag

Benefits and key findings:
  • BPT-ECX facilitates accurate interactive steady state and dynamic simulation of electrolysis plants without the need for process engineers that have specialist knowledge of advanced simulation tools (user-friendly)
  • BPT-ECX is fitted for standalone models of the electrolysis stack units or in simulation models where electrolysis is a part of a larger plant where the interaction and controllability between the various parts are of crucial importance to validate and improve
  • BPT-ECX enables transfer of experimental data of newly developed electrolysis cell technology into an overall electrolysis plant model to evaluate the new technology and design pilot and industrial plants

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