Dynamic Asset System and Component Integrity Limits

  • Client:

    International Energy Company
  • Field:

    Europe Offshore Field

Automatic provision of dynamic component integrity limits provides crucial input to operational asset integrity and complimentary usage in machine learning applications

In brief:

BPT deployed a high-fidelity digital production twin to capture the production variations resulting from multiple wells being produced in several combinations and routed to various manifolds and processing train combinations.

Each of the wells constitutes individual hydrocarbon compositions, changing gas oil ratios and water cuts. The high-fidelity digital production twin represented each individual well, well combinations being produced and the process configuration at any time.

Since the twin also provided a complete dataset of augmented soft sensing values, powered by the 1st principle rigorous thermodynamic simulator model, each process plant component is automatically calculated and compared with the component operating envelope using the rates and the resulting fluid properties derived from the 1st principle tool.

The components in this context means:

- Process piping utilization
- Separator and scrubber nozzle impulses, gas box downcomer margins as a function of vapour flow, liquid levels, densities etc.
- Heat exchanger inlet impulses, risk for vibrations (shell & tube exchanges) and duty utilization
- Gas dehydration system utilization (wet gas water content, vapour velocities and hydraulic utilization)

The illustration above shows the capturing and online calculation of the Likelihood of Failure (LOF) for a specific process piping segment for a medium type supported arrangement. The default calculations are based on the Guidelines for the Avoidance of Vibration, Induced Fatigue Failure in Process Pipework by Energy Institute.

Benefits and key findings:
  • Operating envelope limits are dynamically updated as a function of fluids produced and the process facility routing
  • Critical inlet arrangement piping identified - assisting the operator maximizing the production whilst proactively respecting critical operating conditions for fluid induced flow vibrations
  • An additional information layer made available for machine learning algorithms
  • The BPT EXT – Excel Ad-in includes the ability to consider the process piping system for the entire facility during design and for planned brown field upgrades

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