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Syngas Reactors with Flexible Geometry

Specialized Simulator Extensions for the Sustainable Energy Sector

Used by green innovators, operators, investors, EPCs, automation vendors and BPT in de-risking studies and lifecycle simulator projects

Accurate steady state and dynamic syngas reactor models


BPT-SG allows high-fidelity modelling of various syngas reactors.
This unit operation can be used for early design, control system checkout and operator training simulators.

What is BPT-SG?

To be able to achieve the energy transition, accurate and benchmarked simulation models need to be available and utilized. The complexity in green energy projects must be considered during design, engineering, commissioning and throughout operation. The only way to achieve this is by simulating and studying the dynamic effects.

BPT-SG is a unique unit operation for process simulators covering high-fidelity modelling of various syngas reactors. This software extension seamlessly integrates with industry-leading process simulators, along with well-proven workflows, forming a superb digital solution for optimizing and de-risking process facility design at an early stage.

BPT-SG enables detailed and accurate syngas evaluations in a digital environment. Providing highly accurate steady state and dynamic reactor models enhancing design at an early stage as well as safeguarding return-of-investments.


The BPT-SG software comes as an extension for HYSYS, UniSim Design and Petro-SIM.

Examples of use cases (Different models available)

Partial Oxidation (POX)
Steam Methane Reforming (SMR)
Autothermal Reforming (ATR)

For various Digital Twin and Lifecycle Simulator applications

Early concept design simulations
Detailed engineering simulator
Control system check-out
Operator training simulator (OTS)
Online operational performance monitoring application

Benefits and key findings:
  • Allows for much more detailed modelling of syngas processes compared with commercially available simulators
  • One unit operation with flexibility related to modelling of geometry and type of reactor

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