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Rigorous and accurate turbo expander design and rating model

Specialized Simulator Extensions

Used by oil & gas operators, EPCs and BPT in field development projects

Design and off-design calculations of turbo expanders for both steady-state and dynamic models

Turbo expanders are not commonly available as standard unit operations in process simulators. If a model is required, the user currently has to estimate or approximate the operation of this type of equipment. BPT-TEX provides a much more accurate representation.
What is BPT-TEX?
BPT-TEX is a process simulator extension that deals with all aspects of turbo expander in design and in off-design mode:
  • Expander calculation in design and rating (off-design) mode
  • Compressor calculation in design and rating (off-design) mode
  • Expander inlet guide vane calculations
  • Expander bypass flow
  • Compressor anti-surge recycle flow


BPT-TEX assists realistic and cost effective plant judgements in a minute. Anticipate all operating cases during design and know the capability of your turbo expanders in operation (maximizing plant performance). This knowledge is essential for gas dew pointing plants, NGL processes, LNG liquefaction and refrigeration systems.


BPT-TEX is developed as an unit operation extension for HYSYS, UniSim Design and Petro-SIM.

BPT-TEX supports both steady state and dynamic calculations.

Examples of use cases:

  • Gas dew pointing plants
  • NGL
  • LNG liquefaction
  • Refrigeration systems
Benefits and key findings:
  • Design and evaluate systems and concepts with optimal turbo expander performance
  • Off-design performance prediction for installed turbo expander machinery
  • Assess transient behavior during startup, shutdown, upsets and capacity changes
  • Verify protection and control structure performance
  • Reduce time spent on external experts
  • Reduces modelling time by 60% - the end-user will only have a single unit operation to deal with
  • Integral design advantage - the iterations between expander and compressor happen inside the extension, no iterations involving other parts of the simulation flowsheet
  • Turbo expanders are not commonly available as detailed unit operation in the process simulators

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