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Used by oil & gas operators, EPCs and BPT in field development projects

Compare field data with model predictions - in minutes

Online model connection. BPT-TSF allows connectivity to OPC and Excel data sources. Run offline or online, compare field data with model predictions in minutes!
What is BPT-TSF?

BPT TSF is a process simulator extension that facilitates feeding historical and real time data to your process simulator from OPC or Excel data sources.

  • BPT-TSF makes using a model with online data easy and fast to implement
  • Re-use dynamic models to provide virtual data representation of a live plant
  • Replicate plant upsets in a dynamic process simulator by feeding the time series inputs from your plant data historian


Usage areas

  • Run a dynamic model in parallel to your process plant to generate soft sensor measurements
  • BPT-TSF also supports steady state mode. In this mode, BPT-TSF retrieves real time data from the OPC server every time your model is loaded and executed. Optionally, model results can be written back to designated tags on the OPC server allowing company-wide data distribution and post-processing using 3rd party applications
Benefits and key findings:
  • Reuse your dynamic model to provide virtual data representation of the real plant
  • Feed time series data to your dynamic models and analyze and learn from past upsets
  • Optimize performance. Run your plant at peak efficiency with minimal effort
  • BPT-TSF supports model-based tuning of PID controllers

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