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Used by oil & gas operators, EPCs and BPT in field development projects

Automate simulation runs and reduce reporting development time by 75%

Reporting results from process simulations is a time-consuming task. The same applies to setting up different simulation cases with different input data.
BPT-EXT is an Excel add-in for automating simulation runs, extracting simulation results, data post-processing and utilities to accelerate simulation case updates. BPT-EXT extracts results from streams, unit operations and utilities. As a post processing example, it provides automated line sizing, rating of process lines and Likelihood of Failure (LoF) calculations. It comes with pre-built templates that can be tailored to Company standards.
What is BPT-EXT?

BPT-EXT is an Excel reporting tool for steady state and dynamic models, programmed as an Excel add-in, supporting the process simulators UniSim Design, Petro-SIM and HYSYS.

For most reports, results from a process simulation, be it steady state or dynamic, need to be transferred and treated in Excel. For a steady state simulation, this is mostly reporting of stream data and equipment operating parameters, whereas in dynamic cases, usually time series data (strip charts) are the results that are of most interest. In both cases, BPT-EXT provides a practical way to extract and use this information efficiently.

Usage areas
Steady State simulations

- Efficient data capturing, complete data extraction to Excel in one click
- Automated life cycle simulation
- Automated line sizing calculations
- Mapping process simulator streams to plant line numbers and report rating calculations
- Automated data selection for separator and scrubber sizing

- Life cycle data for pumps, heat exchangers, compressor design
- Specification sheets for different types of equipment, including data from multiple cases
- Tag generation is an example of a utility to easily create process data tables or strip charts

Dynamic simulations
- Trends data extractions
- Case by case comparison at a click
- Consistent trend reporting

If you ever encountered a case where you have a BIG stripchart or process datatable that somehow got corrupted, you will know how welcome it is to be able to regenerate it. It can be done by copy/pasting the content of the corrupted table and a few updates to what was transferred.

Stop developing your own Excel VBA macros!

Your company probably has over a hundred Excel sheets with VBA macros to do 75% of what BPT-EXT does. But, given this is spread over many individual spreadsheets and people, you end up using maybe 10% of what EXT has to offer. BPT provides you with a tool that is cost effective and that is updated frequently. BPT maintains BPT-EXT, accounting both for our internal needs and for the needs of our customers. No need for you to worry that a key person will leave the company and you’ll see your tools become obsolete. If you have an BPT-EXT license and you are faced with a reporting or post processing issue that will take you days to complete, just ask us, we do not take months or years to implement new features.

Benefits and key findings:
  • Reduces report development time by 75%. The steady state reporting tool extracting a maximum amount of information from the process simulator in a more practical way and use this information efficiently
  • Efficient tools. The dynamic reporting tool for stripcharts addresses the need that often arises to compare the variables of multiple dynamic simulation runs in a single plot. The tool caters for the extraction of stripchart data from the process simulator and for the setup of one or more stripcharts as sheets in an Excel workbook
  • BPT-EXT supports tailoring to company standards

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