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Rigorous centrifugal compressor rating (point model)

Specialized Simulator Extensions

Used by BPT in many online simulators / digital production twins and simulation study projects

Safeguard compressor performance during life of field operation



Ensuring an optimal compressor configuration early in the design phase has not been possible without heavy involvement from compressor vendors. This is time consuming and costly. BPT-CORX reduces the need for external help.

Examples of use cases:

  • Life of field evaluation of your compressor system
  • Off design predictions for a selected design
  • Adjusting to mapped curves allows monitoring field performance
  • Maximize plant throughput and availability
Benefits and key findings:
  • Remove the need of updating curves to account for changing inlet conditions and molecular weight in the Life of Field evaluation of your compressor system
  • Safeguard off-design predictions for a selected design that accounts rigorously for all differences
  • Ensure tuned parameters so the initial model matches the real compressor
  • Validate compressor revamps

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