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Centrifugal compressor design and simulation

Specialized Simulator Extensions

Used by oil & gas operators and BPT in many field development projects

Reduce compressor evaluation time by 90%


BPT-CODES predicts accurate centrifugal compressor performance maps. BPT-CODES is used within the simulation environment for new equipment designs and evaluation of existing compressors.

What is BPT-CODES?

BPT-CODES is a first principles compressor design and simulation tool for use with steady-state simulator tools like HYSYS, UniSim and Petro-SIM.

BPT-CODES is first of its kind – compressor design rating and performance software integrated within an engineering simulator.

No vendor information required

Vendors may be willing to provide a design in an early design phase, but will be more and more reluctant as you ask for multiple designs and solutions. With BPT-CODES you can run as many designs as you want to explore different production scenarios. The results are immediate, no need to wait for vendor feedback. Combining BPT-CODES and BPT-EXT full life of field simulations can be performed in-house for different compressor designs. 
Reliable performance maps
Performance maps can be regenerated for different feed compositions, molecular weights and conditions. Both thermodynamic and physical characteristics are included, thus the performance maps generated by BPT-CODES are more accurate than the traditional process simulator adjusted maps. Algorithm for tuning the performance map to match a vendor provided map makes off-design calculations easy.
Relies on decades of compressor design experience
Originally developed by Hånde Energy a turbomachinery domain expert company. Updated and maintained by BPT over 25 years with real life compressor design experience.
The BPT-CODES software comes as an extension for HYSYS, UniSim Design and Petro-Sim.
Examples of use cases
  • Life of field evaluation of your compressor system
  • Off design predictions for a selected design
  • Adjusting to mapped curves allows monitoring field performance
  • Maximize plant throughput and availability
  • Rebundling and revamp campaigns
Benefits and key findings:
  • BPT-CODES allows creating an accurate centrifugal compressor model and predict compressor performance before any vendor data is available
  • BPT-CODES increases modelling accuracy in the conceptual phase by defining compressor requirements and operating envelope
  • BPT-CODES ensures expensive, time-consuming rework is not required in later stages of the project
  • BPT CODES reduces compressor evaluation time by 90%
  • BPT-CODES avoids wasting energy during operations
  • BPT-CODES minimizes emissions and maximizes production

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