Upstream Simulation Services

Model development and training

We train you developing the simulator model, or build the model for you and train you using it

Oil & gas operators, EPCs and consultants companies
Model development and training
Model development and training

With a flexible approach, we ensure that you get the most out of simulations - fitted your experience level and capacities


As an organization of domain experts in advanced use of modelling and simulation tools, a close cooperation with BPT will strenghten your capabilities within simulations. We practice a flexible cooperation model based on your actual needs and capabilities.

We might develop and test simulator models for you, so it's ready for use by your project organization (we focus on making the models high performance, you focus on the simulation results). Or we carry out training of your key personnel on how to develop the simulator models, perform simulations and interpret the results.

BPT carry out standarized training courses or tailormade them on demand.

We also perform software development of simulator extensions increasing fidelity and accuracy as well as making the work processes more efficient. We also develop tools integrating different simulators or digital applications for wider usage and value creation.

Reference use cases:

  • Simulation modelling for operators and engineering companies. Steady state and dynamic
  • Linked multiphase flow simulator and dynamic process simulator models
  • Operator training models
  • A variety of training cources for engineers and operators (standard or customized)
  • Development of simulator extensions (customized)
  • Development of simulator and digital workflows (customized)
Benefits and key findings:
  • Flexible approach, taking the most out your investments in simulations
  • Fitted your experience level and capacities
  • Supplement expertise and capacity to your tenders and projects
  • Adding simulation quality assurance to your projects and organization
  • Tailormade training of your personnel
  • Customized simulator developments making your work processes more efficient and competitive
  • Carry out your simulation projects faster and with higher quality

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