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Multi well feeder facilitates quick definition of well conditions, GOR, water cut and oil flow rate

Specialized Simulator Extensions

Used by oil & gas operators, EPCs and BPT in field development projects

Reduce data entry and solving time by 90%

BPT-MWF multi well feeder application facilitates the definition of commonly used well characteristics. The main parameters are gas-to-oil ratio, water cut and oil flow. The software also allows for the mixing of the wells into combined streams according to the manifold arrangement used.
BPT-MWF allows multistage separation for the definition of the gas/oil ratio, providing consistency between the output from reservoir models and the process simulation.
What is BPT-MWF?
Multi well feeder is a process simulator unit operation extension for UniSim Design, Petro-SIM and HYSYS process simulators that allows for quick definition of well fluids, in terms of GOR (gas-oil ratio), water cut and fluid flow rate, all from a single user interface.

BPT-MWF dramatically reduces flow-sheet complexity, ensuring faster and more reliable flow-sheet resolution and data entry.

Built in “API to Molecules” functionality allows generalized fluids to be modelled by simply specifying an API gravity of an oil.

BPT-MWF ensures your model solves faster irrespective of the number of wells.

BPT-MWF also serves as a manifold to route the different wells to the appropriate part of the model whilst allowing you to mix wells or add lift gas if required.

Reduce flowsheet complexity

Even for a single well, the traditional approach to adjust GOR and Water Cut requires at least six unit operations in the model. With the multi well feeder you just require a single unit operation, regardless of the number of wells to be handled.

Faster flowsheet solution

In the traditional approach each well requires multiple adjust operations. The adjust operations are generic solutions that take more time than the specific algorithm employed inside BPT-MWF. Configuration of multiple Adjusts requires expert knowledge, the day-to-day process simulator user does not always have this expertise.
Faster data entry
Regardless of the method used, each well requires around 10 data entries. With the traditional approach, these inputs are spread over at least 6 different views. For a case with 10 wells this means that the users needs to open 60 views to make sure all data is correctly entered. With MWF, all information is contained in one single view.
Benefits and key findings:
  • Use BPT-MWF multi well feeder to specify feed API grade, GOR, water-cut, pressure, temperature and rate
  • Model tens or hundreds of wells in one single unit operation
  • Faster flowsheet solution time
  • Reduce flowsheet complexity and faster data entry
  • Reduces data entry and solving time by 90%

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