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The BPT Apps for Process Simulation:

Increase the return on your simulator investments!

The BPT Apps for Process Simulation™ have been developed to enhance the capabilities of the industry-standard process simulators UniSim from Honeywell, HYSYS from Aspen Technology and Petro-SIM from KBC (a Yokogawa Company). These additional software modules from BPT enhancing functionality/features, enabling more detailed modelling, integrating multiphase flow simulators, structure efficient workflows and giving accurate simulation results. The BPT Apps are used together with the default inhouse process simulation tools with plug-and-play functionality.

In a project execution/asset life cycle perspective, the BPT Apps contribute significantly to Workflow Improvements and better predictions faster:

  • PLANNING: Optimize process design. Cover the entire production system. Design optimization and validation, process safety, process control and operational robustness. Mature the concepts earlier and to a higher level.
  • EXECUTION: Avoid late changes and large cost impacts. Perform proper design validation and improvements. Prepare for operational readiness.
  • OPERATION: Ensure flawless start-up. Reduce risk and avoid unintentional bottlenecks. Enable earlier start-up and optimized production.

Linking one of the leading transient multiphase flow simulators with dynamic process simulators ...

Seamless interlinking of flow assurance and process simulators is easy and removes uncertainty.
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Green Field Projects.

Utilizing the BPT Apps during field development stages will identify and mitigate the project risks at an early stage. The Apps will also make the workflows efficient and more automated, hence considerable time could be saved. By using the interlink between multiphase flow and processing facilities a holistic approach could be used, reducing the risk of wrong costly decisions. Accurate and high-fidelity considerations for rotating equipment will benefit the project.


Brown Field / Tie-Back Projects.

The BPT Apps have proven to generate significant value in solving operational challenges and troubleshooting. For new tie-in fields, candidates for hosting facility could be accurately and efficiently studied by using a combination of Apps. This will discover whether the existing flare system at host candidate facility can handle the additional loads from a safety perspective, with goal to avoid costly modifications.

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BPT Apps for Process Simulation™

Used by BPT, leading Operators, EPCIs and Simulation Companies.


De-risk and optimize your green Hydrogen projects

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Evaluate varying power sources’ impact on the process plant

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De-risk and optimize your green Methanol projects

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De-risk and optimize your green Ammonia projects

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De-risk and optimize your green e-fuel projects

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Accurate steady state and dynamic syngas reactor models

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Automate simulation runs and reduce reporting development time by 75%

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Reduce data entry and solving time by 90%

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Reduce model development time by 60%

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Facilitates realistic representation of orifice and venturi

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Reduce compressor evaluation time by 90%

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Safeguard compressor performance during life of field operation

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Design and off-design calculations of turbo expanders for both steady-state and dynamic models

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Enable a powerful and easy-to-use integrated dynamic simulator including wells, flowlines, risers and topside/onshore process facilities

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Enable a powerful and easy-to-use integrated dynamic simulator including wells, flowlines, risers and topside/onshore process facilities

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Realistic flare system capacity evaluation, in particular for tie-in candidate feasibility projects

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Compare field data with model predictions - in minutes

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