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Operational support and troubleshooting

BPT domain experts assist operators in changing operational modi and troubleshooting

Oil & gas operators, EPCs and consultants companies
Operational support and troubleshooting
Operational support and troubleshooting

The value of accurate tools and operational experience closing the gap between theory and practice in efficient solving of challenges / problems


BPT has been involved in many projects to assist operator with solving operational problems and challenges.

Based on our multi-disipline experience and simulator install base we are well position to quicly mobilize for deep-dive engagements.

Changing operational modi often requires a detailed approach involving practical as well as theroretical aspects. Several BPT domain experts have field experience that bring significant value in solving operational topics.

Likewise to address troubleshooting of operation, identifying the root causes to the problems is essential for success.

For any operational challenge, BPT normally recommend to carry out a proper assessment initially to form the best fitted way forward solving the problem. 

Benefits and key findings:
  • Identified root causes of numerous power generator trips
  • Reduced energy consumptions
  • Operational conversion from high to low pressure mode without production shutdown
  • Avoided weeks of lost production by discovering error before hydrocarbon onboard (during commissioning stage) - and avoided investigation by PSA and lost reputation
  • Improved operational performance of compressors

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