Tie-In Overpressure Protection

  • Client:

    International Energy Company
  • Field:

    Subsea Tie-In To NCS Platform

Detailed and accurate validation of new field tie-in to existing host processing facility regarding flare system capacity

In brief:

The operator identified a host-candidate for tie-in of a new field. BPT was requested to validate whether the exising processing facility had sufficient flare system capacity. 

The use of standalone simulations caused overly designed flare capacity, meaning that the tie-in project was at risk to be considered non-economic.

Interlinked multiphase flow (subsea) and dynamic process (topside) simulators was used to determine realistic system behavior.

The BPT flare scenario generator captures the loads from the dynamic simulator for use within a flare design tool.

The tool and methodology included the volumes and compressibility inherently present in the flare system.

Benefits and key findings:
  • Process model was “one-to-one” with plant details (100% compliance with API 521), meaning model simplifications that may jeopardize the conclusions were avoided
  • The model included rigorous modeling of inlet arrangement and separators. The PSV’s, spill-off PV’s & RO’s were individually modeled, as well as the PSV inlet & tail piping
  • The existing flare capacity was verified sufficient and modification of flare system was avoided

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