Process Safety Study with Choke Optimization

  • Client:

    National Oil Company
  • Field:

    NCS Field

Key relief contingency cases covered, incl. inadvertent valve opening, choke failure, gas blowby and blocked outlet validated with high-fidelity

In brief:

BPT investigated the best-fit choke sizing regarding asset integrity.

The process safety study was performed with interlinked multiphase flow and dynamic process simulator.

The dynamics of the wells, flowlines, topside process and the flare system are utilized (“from well to flare tip”).

API Std 521 relief contingency cases covered, such as inadvertent valve opening, choke failure, gas blowby, blocked outlet.

Benefits and key findings:
  • Production chokes are sized based on maximum utilization of the safety barriers
  • Consistency between plant, report and prediction tools is taken care of
  • Detailed documentation of each relief scenario, including PSV utilization (in accordance with API Std 520) & flare rates, piping loads and PSD system response
  • Can effectively be performed from concept phase, since automated workflow for flare design & verification
  • Do it “right first time” to avoid unnecessary late modifications or even lost production
  • New tie-backs to existing facilities designed according to the integrity limits

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