Modular FPSO Process Design

  • Client:

    Global FPSO supplier
  • Field:

    Modular FPSO Process

Concept design of modular FPSO oil processing facility targeting standardized design for all FPSOs

In brief:

BPT was engaged by a global supplier of FPSOs to investigate whether a standarized processing facility could be used accross all their new FPSOs.

The specification for FPSO processing capacity were:

- Capacity of 60 KBPD
- Only one LM2500 gas turbine
- Capable to handle API range from 25 to 55

The modular process system accommodated the API range of fluids. One generic BPT model covered the main process & utility systems.

The BPT-MWF simulator extension allowed for efficient API grade, GOR and water cut variations.

The BPT-EXT application automated the process simulation and reporting.

The BPT-CODES used to configure centrifugal compressor designs.

Benefits and key findings:
  • Established standardized work process and reporting (resulting in only 5 days turn-around from input to report field specific process configurations)
  • Verified that only two compressor bundle sets are necessary to cover the entire operating envelop (different bundle combinations from field to field)
  • Found that the de-butanizer is only required for high API grades
  • The concept allowed for minimal modifications when FPSO re-deployed to another field
  • The use of BPT-CODES accelerated the project by several months

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