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New release of BPT-EXT Excel add-in (a part of the SimApps portfolio)

EXT is an Excel add-in for automating simulation runs, extracting simulation results, data post-processing and utilities to accelerate simulation case updates. EXT extracts results from streams, unit operations and utilities. As a post processing example, it provides automated line sizing, rating of process lines and Likelihood of Failure (LoF) calculations using piping specification data.

"Your company probably has over a hundred Excel sheets with VBA macros to do 75% of what EXT does. But, given this is spread over many individual spreadsheets and people, you end up using maybe 10% of what EXT has to offer. BPT provides you with a tool that is cost effective and that is updated frequently. BPT maintains EXT, accounting both for our internal needs and for the needs of our customers. No need for you to worry that a key person will leave the company and you’ll see your tools become obsolete. If you have an EXT license and you are faced with a reporting or post processing issue that will take you days to complete, just ask us, we do not take months or years to implement new features", explains BPTs Wim Van Wassenhove.

A new version of BPT-EXT software application was released in January 2021 with additional and improved functionality. One of the major new features is the calculations of Likelihood of Failure (LoF) for the piping within the entire production plant.

Brief description of EXT

Reporting results from process simulations is a time-consuming task. The same applies to setting up different simulation cases with different input data.

EXT is an Excel reporting tool for steady state and dynamic models, programmed as an Excel add-in, supporting the process simulators Petro-SIM from KBC Advanced Technologies, UniSim Design from Honeywell and HYSYS from AspenTech.

For most reports, results from a process simulation, be it steady state or dynamic, need to be transferred and treated in Excel. For a steady state simulation, this is mostly reporting of stream data and equipment operating parameters, whereas in dynamic cases, usually time series data (strip charts) are the results that are of most interest. In both cases, EXT provides a practical way to extract and use this information efficiently.

More information at BPT-EXT

Billington Process Technology (BPT) is an independent digital solution, simulation and service company with Headquarter outside Oslo, Norway. BPT has unique domain knowledge within production and process facilities. We are world-class users of process simulators, and among the specialties are compressor design as well as process safety. The BPT Digital Production Twin includes an unmatched solution for holistic sensor-correction providing invaluable data fundament for a number of advanced digital applications (ala machine learning) as well as calibrated steady-state and dynamic simulators for efficient production optimization. BPT is a frontrunner in modernizing field development approach together with innovating oil companies. A BPT specialty is to apply integrated multiphase flow and dynamic process simulators throughout the field development, commissioning, and life of field to validate and improve design as well as troubleshoot and perform production optimization.

For more information about this product release, please contact Wim Van Wassenhove, BPTs Vice President for Software Development (e-mail: