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BPT-ECX Electrolytic Separation Cell simulator to be used in Korea

Facilitated by our local partner UIT Solutions, one of the major engineering and construction companies in Korea has entered into an agreement to use BPT’s unique simulator application for advanced electrolysis simulations in their increasing engagements with design of green hydrogen energy systems.

“The BPT-ECX enables green hydrogen and green ammonia production as well as being highly relevant for electrofuel plants, providing highly accurate steady state and dynamic electrolysis models for de-risking and enhancing design at an early stage as well as safeguarding return-of-investments”, explains BPT’s Business Development Manager, Simen Martinsen.

The picture shows the happy sales team after contract signing.

The BPT-ECX software covers both steady state and dynamic simulations with high fidelity and capability to be adjusted to match specific equipment from various manufactures.

The BPT-ECX is a flexible and accurate electrolytic separation cell model that could be seamlessly used together with industry-standard process simulators like HYSYS, UniSim and Petro-SIM. The unit operation works in both steady state and dynamic modes. The electrolysis unit operation application is a part of BPT's comprehensive extensions to process simulators and the first among several green energy focused applications developed, under pilot plant testing as well as in commercial use.

Different type of electrolysis is included in the BPT-ECX:

  • PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane electrolysis)
  • AEL (Alkaline ElectroLysis)
  • SOEC (Solid Oxide Electrolyze Cell)


Some of the user parameters are:

  • Area and number of cells
  • Flexible geometry (vendor specific)
  • Electrolysis efficiency and over-potential
  • Voltage cell
  • Faraday efficiency
  • Gas purity
  • Heat loss
  • Thermal lag


The main benefits of BPT-ECX are:

  • BPT-ECX facilitates accurate interactive steady state and dynamic simulation of electrolysis plants without the need for process engineers that have specialist knowledge of advanced simulation tools. BPT-ECX is user-friendly.
  • BPT-ECX is fitted for standalone models of the electrolysis stack units or in simulation models where electrolysis is a part of a larger plant where the interaction and controllability between the various parts are of crucial importance to validate and improve.
  • BPT-ECX enables transfer of experimental data of newly developed electrolysis cell technology into an overall electrolysis plant model to evaluate the new technology and design pilot and industrial plants.

Billington Process Technology (BPT) is an independent digital solution, simulation and service company with Headquarter outside Oslo, Norway. BPT has unique domain knowledge within production and process facilities. We are world-class users of process simulators, and among the specialties are compressor design as well as process safety. The BPT Digital Production Twin includes an unmatched solution for holistic sensor-correction providing invaluable data fundament for a number of advanced digital applications (ala machine learning) as well as calibrated steady-state and dynamic simulators for efficient production optimization. BPT is a frontrunner in modernizing field development approach together with innovating oil companies. A BPT specialty is to apply integrated multiphase flow and dynamic process simulators throughout the field development, commissioning, and life of field to validate and improve design as well as troubleshoot and perform production optimization.

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