Zeepipe Operator Training Simulator

  • Client:

  • Field:

    Zeepipe Gas Receiving Terminal

Continuous operational knowledge building in handling normal operation as well as abnormal situations

In brief:

BPT was contracted by Gassco and ABB to deliver an Operator Training Simulator (OTS) for the Zeepipe gas receiving terminal located in the port area of Zeebrugge in Belgium.

The terminal facility operated by Gassco removes possible residual liquids and solids, and regulates gas flow and temperature. In addition, it measures volume and checks quality before the gas continues to the transport operator downstream of the terminal.

The OTS is configured by an integrated team of ABB and BPT specialists where the main components are simulator version of ABB process control system and HIMA safety system connected to UniSim dynamic process model and instructor station.

Benefits and key findings:
  • Facilitates accurate, realistic and efficient training of operational personnel
  • Training central control room operators in handling normal operations
  • Collaboration training between CCR operators and field operators
  • Training CCR operators in handling abnormal situations, in particular situation that not happens regularly (being prepared for the unexpected)
  • Structured and efficient approach building knowledge across organization

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